SingleTrack supports unlimited custom requests and requirements

The industries listed below provide an overview of the various products and solutions we provide for our customers:

Oil and Gas

SingleTrack understands that the oil and gas industry requires an in-depth knowledge about the quality of goods and services that are required to create value for an organization. Our mission is to source quality products like pressure vessels, flow control services and piping to our customers.


SingleTrack has partnered with organizations globally to source products in the petrochemical industry.  We are dedicated to finding global partners that can provide products like heat exchanges at industry-leading prices.


SingleTrack has strong ties with leading Canadian farms to export quality agricultural products such as wheats, lentils, and pulses to all corners of the globe. We provide the same renowned quality product, direct from farm at more cost competitive prices.


SingleTrack supports unlimited customer requests with unique requirements in the industrial sector. Whether our customers require products in the lumber, mining, or chemical industry, we excel at leveraging our diverse supply network to meet our client’s requests.


SingleTrack can leverage its connections globally to penetrate foreign technology markets. By providing our customers with importing and exporting services for hardware, we strive to capitalize on cross-market sales and insight to create value.