Providing end-to-end solutions with oversight along the way

International procurement and supply chain management requires in-depth knowledge and expertise in the industry. At SingleTrack, we recognize the challenges that are associated with doing business on an international level and we have made it our mission to provide solutions to our clients that will add value to their business.

With a strong and reliable supply network that stretches across the globe, we have the resources required to manage an organization’s procurement needs. At SingleTrack, we tailor our solutions to fit your business requirements. Whether it’s spot purchasing or purchases with target annual requirements, we will negotiate the best price for you  through our diversified network without sacrificing quality.

One advantage of using our solutions for international procurement means that we take on the role of the importer of record for our clients, which provides privacy and discretion every step of the way.

As a global procurement organization, SingleTrack provides a wide range of solutions

Overseas Supplier Management

At SingleTrack, we have developed and maintained an extensive international supply network that allows our services to be high quality, cost effective, and timely.

Transportation & Logistics

At SingleTrack, we take full accountability for the movement of products and guarantee competitive prices by leveraging global freight shipment opportunities and providing IOR advantages.

Risk Management

At SingleTrack, we identify possible risks associated with procuring for a project, evaluate them, and generate a risk management plan to avoid or mitigate said risks.

Quality Management

At SingleTrack, we work with a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness to create growth and value without sacrificing quality along the way.