MUDViS Product Line

ST MUDViS 100 and ST MUDViS 60 are proprietary biopolymers primarily designed for coiled tubing operations in the oil and gas industry, while also offering significant benefits for drilling applications. ST MUDViS 100, a high molecular weight biopolymer, acts as an exceptional viscosifier in various fluids, providing superior viscosity and filtration control ideal for coiled tubing and enhancing drilling fluid performance in shallow to medium depth wells. ST MUDViS 60, renowned for its unique rheological and viscoelastic properties, serves as a cost-effective alternative for traditional polymers, ensuring excellent performance under low-shear conditions. This makes it suitable for a wide range of coiled tubing operations and drilling tasks. Together, these biopolymers are crafted to optimize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of coiled tubing and drilling operations, offering a robust solution for the oil and gas sector. Select a product below to delve into their specific strengths and applications within the coiled tubing and drilling industries.


Our fluoridation products are meticulously formulated to optimize dental health benefits in community water systems, ensuring precise and safe fluoride levels. Grounded in cutting-edge scientific research and backed by thorough testing, our fluoridation solutions excel in delivering consistent and effective fluoride treatment. Rely on SingleTrack Solutions for state-of-the-art fluoridation technology, guaranteeing your water treatment systems contribute to improved dental health and hygiene in the community.

Scale Control

Our scale inhibitors are specifically designed to combat scaling in water treatment systems, enhancing the longevity and efficiency of your equipment. Based on meticulous research and detailed testing, our formulations are industry-leading in preventing scale buildup during water treatment operations. Choose Singletrack Solutions for superior scale inhibition, ensuring smooth and effective water treatment processes.

Phosphorous Removal

Our phosphorous removal solutions are tailored to efficiently extract excess phosphorous from water treatment systems, enhancing water purity and preventing environmental impact. Specifically formulated for high efficacy, these solutions ensure optimal phosphorous levels, essential for sustainable water treatment practices. Rely on SingleTrack Solutions for advanced phosphorous removal, keeping your water treatment processes environmentally friendly and effective.


Our phosphate-based treatments expertly regulate mineral content in water treatment systems, improving water quality and protecting against corrosion. Designed for effectiveness, these treatments maintain optimal phosphate levels, crucial for maintaining system health. Trust SingleTrack Solutions for efficient phosphate management, ensuring your water treatment operates at its best.

pH Adjustment

Our pH adjustment solutions precisely balance the acidity and alkalinity in water treatment systems, enhancing process efficiency and equipment longevity. Developed for optimal performance, these solutions maintain the ideal pH level, crucial for effective water treatment. Choose SingleTrack Solutions for dependable pH management, ensuring your system operates smoothly and effectively.

Oxygen Scavengers

SingleTrack’s oxygen scavengers redefine water treatment excellence, delivering unparalleled protection against corrosion and oxygen-induced damage. Meticulously engineered and rigorously validated, our products stand as the gold standard in preventing oxidative degradation in water systems. Trust in SingleTrack Solutions for exceptional molecular efficacy, safeguarding the integrity and extending the lifespan of your systems. Embrace the assurance of pristine, oxygen-managed water with our cutting-edge oxygen scavenger technology.


Our flocculants revolutionize water treatment, masterfully enhancing clarity and purity. Rigorously tested and proven effective, our offerings set the benchmark for sedimentation and filtration in treatment processes. Trust in SingleTrack for unmatched polymer performance, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your water systems. Dive into a world of pristine water with our leading-edge flocculant technology.


Our dispersant range is engineered to expertly handle suspended particles in water treatment systems, promoting enhanced clarity and system longevity. With a foundation in innovative research and validated by rigorous testing, our dispersants stand out in maintaining clean and efficient water treatment operations. Trust in SingleTrack Solutions for advanced dispersant technology, ensuring your water treatment systems operate at their peak performance.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Our corrosion inhibitors are expertly formulated to shield against corrosive elements in water treatment systems, extending the durability of equipment and guaranteeing optimal performance. Grounded in thorough research and comprehensive testing, our solutions set the benchmark for preventing material decay in water treatment processes. Rely on Singletrack Solutions for outstanding corrosion protection in your water treatment operations.