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Optimize your pulp and paper Production with SingleTrack's chemical solutions

We offer a range of high-performance chemicals, including coagulants, flocculants, and defoamers, designed to optimize your pulp and paper production processes. Our chemical solutions help improve your process through effective contaminant removal, increased sludge dewatering efficiency, and control of foam generated throughout the process. Partner with us to achieve superior operational performance and sustainability in your pulp and paper operations.

Influent Clarification

Efficient influent clarification is crucial for preparing raw water for use in pulp and paper manufacturing. Our high-performance chemicals effectively remove suspended solids, organic matter, and other impurities than can impede your various operational processes:

Coagulants: Quickly destabilize and aggregate fine particles for removal prior to entering the mill operation.

Polymers: Enhance floc formation and improve sedimentation and filtration processes.
These products ensure clean, clear water for your production processes, protecting equipment, minimizing downtime, and improving efficiency.

Effluent Wastewater Treatment

We provide specialized coagulants, and flocculants, to ensure that effluent discharge meets your specific stringent environmental regulations. Our treatment solutions not only enhance the removal of contaminants, resulting in clean discharge water, but also produce high-quality sludge that can be efficiently burned in your recovery boilers, maximizing energy recovery and minimizing waste.

Sludge Dewatering

Specialty polymers play a vital role in enhancing the efficiency of sludge dewatering in the pulp and paper industry. Dewatered sludge can be incinerated in the recovery boiler much more effectively which reduces the overall load on the boiler, extending it lifetime and reducing maintenance costs. SingleTrack’s specialty polymers enhance the flocculation process ultimately reducing the moisture content in the sludge going to the boiler. This also helps improves the efficiency and decrease maintenance of your mechanical dewatering equipment (belt presses, screw press, centrifuge, etc.). Beyond the benefits of reduced energy consumption and decreasing maintenance costs within the sludge treatment process, SingleTrack can also provide your mill with a competitive chemical offering through reduced prices, lower feed rates, and shortened lead times.


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