Drag Reducing Agents (DRA)

Friction-fighting solution for smoother flow.

Our comprehensive portfolio of DRA products for crude oil and petroleum pipelines encompasses a range of formulations designed to address various fluid compositions, operating conditions, and performance requirements.

What is DRA?

Drag reducing agents (DRAs), also known as flow improvers or pipeline friction reducers, are chemical additives used in pipelines to reduce the frictional resistance encountered by fluids flowing through them. When fluids such as crude oil, refined products, or natural gas move through a pipeline, they experience resistance due to the interaction between the fluid and the inner surface of the pipeline. This resistance, known as drag or frictional drag, can lead to increased energy consumption, pressure drop, and operational challenges. By optimizing flow, DRAs contribute to lower energy expenditures, heightened safety measures, and overall, more streamlined operations.


How it Works

DRAs, long-chain polymers, enhance fluid flow by directly reducing turbulence inside the pipeline. They disrupt and stabilize turbulent flow, creating a smoothing effect that decreases resistance. This allows the fluid to move through the pipeline more efficiently, increasing output. These are specifically engineered through a chemical interaction that targets the fluid’s properties, optimizing operations by minimizing resistance.



Enhanced Efficiency – Drag reducing agents (DRAs) reduce frictional resistance in pipelines, allowing fluids to flow more easily with less energy input. This increased efficiency leads to higher throughput, enabling pipelines to transport larger volumes of fluids without the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. By optimizing flow rates and minimizing pressure drop, DRAs contribute to improved operational performance and cost savings for pipeline operators.

Improved Reliability – DRAs help stabilize pressure levels within pipelines, reducing the risk of pressure fluctuations and associated operational challenges. This enhanced pressure stability ensures a more consistent flow of fluids, minimizing the potential for flow-related issues such as turbulence, surges, or flow instabilities. As a result, the use of DRAs promotes greater reliability in pipeline operations, supporting uninterrupted fluid transportation and reducing the likelihood of downtime or disruptions.

Cost-Effectiveness – By lowering energy consumption and optimizing flow efficiency, DRAs offer significant cost savings over the long term for pipeline operators. The reduction in pumping requirements and associated energy costs translates into lower operational expenses and improved overall economics for pipeline transportation. Additionally, the prevention of flow-related issues and the extended lifespan of pipeline infrastructure due to reduced wear and tear contribute to further cost-effectiveness and enhanced asset management.


Our Advantages

SingleTrack specializes in DRA products that incorporate cutting-edge technologies to offer unparalleled benefits to our clients. Here’s an overview of our DRA advantages:

Patented Polymerization Technique – We employ a patented polymerization technique that allows us to produce DRAs with exceptional performance characteristics. This technique ensures precise control over polymer structure and molecular weight distribution, resulting in consistent and reliable drag reduction capabilities. By leveraging this innovative process, our DRAs deliver superior flow enhancement while minimizing the risk of degradation or compatibility issues within the pipeline system.

High Performance Polymers – Our DRAs are formulated using high-performance polymers that are specifically engineered to optimize flow efficiency and minimize frictional resistance in pipelines. These polymers exhibit excellent rheological properties, including high elasticity and resilience, allowing them to effectively reduce turbulence and drag throughout the entire length of the pipeline. With superior polymer chemistry at the core of our formulations, our DRAs offer unmatched performance and longevity in diverse operating conditions.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly – We prioritize safety and environmental sustainability in the development of our DRA products. Our formulations are free from harmful chemicals or additives, ensuring they meet the strictest regulatory standards and pose minimal risk to personnel, communities, and ecosystems. Additionally, our environmentally friendly approach extends to the entire product lifecycle, from manufacturing to disposal, emphasizing responsible stewardship of natural resources and environmental protection.

Applicable for all Fluids and Temperatures – Our versatile DRA solutions are designed to be compatible with a wide range of fluids and operating temperatures, making them suitable for various applications across different industries. Whether transporting crude oil, refined products, natural gas, or specialty chemicals, our DRAs provide consistent drag reduction performance and flow enhancement benefits. Furthermore, our formulations are engineered to maintain efficacy even under extreme temperature conditions, ensuring reliable operation in both hot and cold environments.


Our Products

SingleTrack offers a comprehensive range of DRA products tailored to meet the specific needs of pipeline operators transporting various types of crude oil and petroleum products. Here’s an overview of the DRA products available:

Heavy Crude Oil DRA – Engineered to address the challenges associated with transporting heavy crude oil, this DRA formulation is specially formulated to optimize flow efficiency and mitigate the effects of viscosity and density variations. It effectively reduces frictional drag and turbulence, enabling operators to maintain steady flow rates and minimize pressure fluctuations. Our Heavy Crude Oil DRA is designed to improve the overall performance and reliability of pipelines handling heavier crude oil grades, enhancing operational efficiency, and reducing the risk of flow-related issues.

Light Crude Oil DRA – Specifically formulated for pipelines transporting light crude oil, this DRA product offers optimized drag reduction performance tailored to the unique characteristics of lighter hydrocarbon streams. It effectively minimizes pressure drop and energy consumption, enabling operators to maximize flow rates and minimize operational costs. Our Light Crude Oil DRA is engineered to provide consistent performance across a range of temperatures and flow conditions, ensuring reliable operation under varying circumstances.

Petroleum Oil DRA – This DRA formulation is designed to enhance the flow efficiency of pipelines handling petroleum-based products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and lubricants. It effectively reduces frictional resistance and turbulence, allowing for increased throughput and improved operational efficiency. Our Petroleum Oil DRA is compatible with a wide range of fluid compositions and operating conditions, making it suitable for diverse applications in the oil and gas industry.

Specialty DRA Solutions – In addition to our standard DRA products, we offer custom formulation services to develop specialty solutions tailored to the unique requirements of specific crude oil grades or pipeline systems, including our innovative Vegetable Oil-based DRA. Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their operational challenges and develop DRA formulations optimized for their unique applications. This specialty approach, using Vegetable Oil as a key component, showcases our commitment to environmentally friendly solutions without compromising on performance. Whether it’s addressing extreme operating conditions, mitigating flow instabilities, or optimizing performance for specific crude oil blends, our specialty DRA solutions, including the Vegetable Oil-based option, are engineered to deliver targeted results and maximize the efficiency and reliability of pipeline operations.


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