Oil Sands

As a chemical distributor, we play a critical role in providing the oil sands sector with the specialized chemicals needed for efficient and sustainable oil extraction and processing. Our range of products includes chemicals for both surface mining and in situ operations, such as flocculants, surfactants, and frothers.

We offer specialized chemicals for the upgrading and refining of bitumen, such as hydrogenation agents and catalysts. These chemicals play a vital role in improving the efficiency of the upgrading process and enabling the production of higher-quality synthetic crude oil.

In addition to providing high-quality and sustainable chemical solutions, we work with our customers to identify areas for operational and cost efficiencies.

We understand the importance of environmental sustainability and strive to provide products that minimize environmental impact while supporting the growth and development of the oil sands sector. Overall, our chemical solutions are essential to the efficient and sustainable development of the oil sands, enabling the industry to meet growing energy demands while reducing environmental impact.


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