Acrylic Acid

Colorless, transparent liquid, acid, acrid odor

Acrylic Acid is integral in formulating polymers that enhance water quality by dispersing particulates, preventing scale formation in pipes, and aiding in efficient filtration. Used in both municipal and industrial water systems, acrylic acid polymers are valued for their biodegradability and minimal environmental impact.

Water Treatment

Acrylic acid is integral in water treatment, especially as a key ingredient in dispersant polymers. These polymers, derived from acrylic acid, excel in preventing the aggregation of particles in water systems. They function by keeping particles separated and suspended, which is crucial in industrial and municipal water treatment to maintain clarity and prevent scaling. In cooling systems, acrylic acid-based dispersants inhibit scale deposits, ensuring smooth operation. Additionally, these polymers play a pivotal role in wastewater treatment, aiding in the efficient removal of sediments and contaminants. This results in enhanced filtration efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements for filtration systems. Acrylic acid’s role as a dispersant is also beneficial in treating industrial effluents, such as those from paper and textile industries, where it helps in managing suspended solids and maintaining the ecological balance of water bodies


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SDS Acrylic Acid
TDS Acrylic Acid


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