Aluminum Chloride

White or yellowish, crystalline solid.

Aluminum Chloride serves as a potent coagulant, facilitating the removal of impurities and enhancing water quality, making it indispensable for achieving clean, safe water in various treatment scenarios.

Water Treatment

Aluminum Chloride is a critical component in water treatment, offering efficient contaminant removal capabilities. Its application leads to the coagulation of suspended solids, enabling their easier extraction through sedimentation or filtration processes. This chemical agent is particularly effective in tackling turbidity and removing metallic and non-metallic particles, thereby significantly improving the clarity and safety of water. Aluminum Chloride’s adaptability to a wide range of water conditions and its effectiveness in low concentrations make it a valued choice for water purification, ensuring that treated water meets quality standards essential for various uses.

CAS No.: 7446-70-0.


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