Aluminum Chlorohydrate

Clear, viscous liquid, non-toxic

Aluminum chlorohydrate, a potent coagulant used in municipal water treatment, enhances water clarity and purity. It is NSF certified, ensuring compliance with strict health and safety standards for drinking water.

Municipal Water Treatment

Aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) plays a pivotal role in municipal water treatment processes, primarily due to its superior coagulation properties. As a highly effective coagulant, ACH helps in the aggregation of suspended particles, including organic matter, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, into larger particles that can be easily removed through sedimentation or filtration. Its application ensures the reduction of turbidity and contaminants, leading to clearer and safer drinking water. ACH’s efficiency in low temperatures and varying pH levels makes it particularly valuable for municipalities dealing with diverse water sources. Moreover, its NSF certification reassures public health departments and consumers alike of its safety and compliance with strict regulatory standards for drinking water. This certification underscores its suitability for treating water intended for human consumption, making it a cornerstone in modern water treatment facilities aiming to provide high-quality drinking water while adhering to environmental and health regulations.

NSF®-certified versions available.

Available in 23% liquid concentration

CAS No.: 12042-91-0


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SDS Aluminum Chlorohydrate


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