Aluminum sulfate

White powder, water-soluble, odorless, acidic properties.

White powder, acidic, water-soluble. Used in water treatment, paper manufacturing, textiles. Also, a flocculant in wastewater treatment. Important in agriculture for soil conditioning, pH control in water.

Oilfield Drilling

Aluminum sulfate is sometimes used in drilling operations as a clay stabilizer, which can help to control the swelling of clays and prevent wellbore instability. It may be added to drilling fluids to improve their rheological properties, reduce fluid loss, and enhance drilling efficiency. Additionally, aluminum sulfate can be used as a component in certain types of drilling mud formulations, where it can help to control pH levels, reduce the viscosity of drilling fluids, and enhance their overall performance.

Water Treatment

Aluminum sulfate is a versatile chemical used in water treatment as a coagulant and flocculant to remove impurities from water and wastewater. It aids in coagulation and flocculation processes, improving water quality and clarity. Additionally, it serves as a phosphorus removal agent for nutrient control. Its cost-effectiveness and compliance with regulatory standards make it a trusted choice in the water treatment industry. Its widespread use in water treatment processes makes it an essential chemical for ensuring efficient and effective water treatment solutions, meeting stringent regulatory requirements.


Aluminum sulfate has diverse uses in agriculture. It improves soil structure, pH balance, and nutrient availability for plant growth. It acts as a coagulant in animal waste treatment, reducing ammonia levels. It is also used as a molluscicide to control snail and slug populations that damage crops. Its versatility makes it valuable for enhancing soil quality, managing animal waste, and protecting crops.

CAS No.: 17927-65-0


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