Ammonium benzoate

White crystalline solid with faint odor.

Ammonium benzoate, with the chemical formula C7H7NO2, is a white crystalline compound. It is the ammonium salt of benzoic acid and is commonly used as a reagent in organic synthesis, particularly in the formation of aromatic compounds.

Energy Sector

Ammonium benzoate can find limited applications as a chemical additive in drilling operations. One such application is as a viscosity modifier in drilling fluids. By adjusting the viscosity, ammonium benzoate can help control the flow properties of drilling fluids, enhancing their effectiveness in various drilling processes. In drilling operations, maintaining the appropriate viscosity of drilling fluids is crucial for efficient drilling. Ammonium benzoate, when added to drilling fluids, can help optimize their rheological properties, ensuring better control over the flow behavior and lubrication of the drilling process. This can lead to improved hole stability, reduced friction, and enhanced overall drilling performance. Ammonium benzoate may have minor applications as a corrosion inhibitor in specific oil and gas production systems. When properly formulated and applied, it can form a protective film on metal surfaces, helping to inhibit corrosion and prolong the lifespan of equipment.

CAS No.: 1863-63-4


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