Ammonium bisulfite

Colorless, pungent liquid. Soluble in water.

Ammonium bisulfite is a colorless to yellowish liquid with a pungent odor. It is soluble in water and commonly used as a reducing agent, preservative, and antioxidant in various industrial applications, such as food processing, water treatment, and chemical processes.

Energy Sector

Ammonium bisulfite is used in the oil and gas industry as a reducing agent to remove oxygen and prevent corrosion in drilling, production, and transportation processes. It is also used as a scavenger to remove dissolved oxygen from water-based drilling fluids, stimulation fluids, and pipelines, helping to prevent the formation of scale and other corrosive reactions. Additionally, ammonium bisulfite can be used as a preservative in oil and gas drilling muds and as an oxygen scavenger in well stimulation treatments.

Water Treatment

Ammonium bisulfite is commonly used in water treatment as a reducing agent and oxygen scavenger. It reacts with dissolved oxygen in water, effectively removing it and preventing corrosion in pipes, tanks, and other water system components. Additionally, ammonium bisulfite is utilized as a dechlorinating agent to neutralize chlorine in water treatment processes, such as in wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, and cooling water systems. Its reducing properties make it effective in mitigating the corrosive effects of oxygen and chlorine, ensuring efficient and reliable water treatment processes.


Ammonium bisulfite is used in textiles as a reducing agent and antioxidant. It helps remove oxygen from the system, prevents oxidation of dyes and fibers, and improves colorfastness. It is also used as a stabilizer in textile bleaching processes to maintain pH and reduce fiber damage. Its reducing properties and anti-oxidative effects make it a valuable additive in textile processing for enhancing quality and durability of textiles.

CAS No.: 10192-30-0


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