Mineral. Heavy. White. Crystalline. Brittle. Non-magnetic.

Barite is a naturally occurring mineral composed of barium sulfate. It is typically heavy, with a high specific gravity, and appears as white, colorless, or light-colored crystals. It is brittle, non-magnetic, and often used in oil and gas drilling, as well as in various industrial applications.

Energy Sector

Barite is a vital mineral in the oil and gas industry, used as a weighting agent in drilling muds to control formation pressure. Its high specific gravity and inert properties stabilize wellbores and prevent well blowouts. Barite enhances drilling efficiency by aiding in the removal of drill cuttings and reducing friction. It is also used in cementing operations to ensure well integrity and prevent gas migration. As a crucial component in oil and gas exploration, barite plays a critical role in maintaining well stability and optimizing drilling operations.

Pulp & Paper

Barite is used as a filler in the pulp and paper industry. Its high density improves paper printability and brightness, making it suitable for high-quality printing. Added during paper manufacturing, barite enhances opacity, reducing ink show-through and improving print quality. Barite also enhances mechanical properties like tensile strength and tear resistance. As a crucial additive, barite plays a significant role in the production of paper and paperboard products, ensuring improved print performance and paper quality in the pulp and paper industry.

CAS No.: 7727-43-7


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