Calcium carbonate

Chalky, crystalline, white, odorless, tasteless, abundant.

White, crystalline powder, chalky texture, odorless and tasteless. Versatile compound used in pharmaceuticals, food/beverage, construction, agriculture, water treatment. Abundant in nature, widely utilized in various industries.

Energy Sector

Calcium carbonate is used in the energy industry as a drilling fluid additive, commonly known as “calcite” or “chalk.” It helps control the rheological properties of drilling fluids, improves wellbore stability, reduces fluid loss, and enhances drilling performance. Additionally, calcium carbonate can be used as a bridging agent in lost circulation applications and as a weighting agent in drilling muds. Its high purity, availability, and cost-effectiveness make it a popular choice in the oil and gas industry for various drilling and completion applications.

Water Treatment

Calcium carbonate is used in water treatment for pH adjustment, acid neutralization, and water hardness management. It helps in water softening, coagulation, and flocculation processes, improving water quality by removing excess calcium and magnesium ions, suspended solids, and turbidity. It is cost-effective and widely available, making it a popular choice in water treatment applications.


Calcium carbonate is used in the food industry as a calcium supplement, anti-caking agent, leavening agent, pH regulator, firming agent, and stabilizer. It is also used in food coloring, preservation, and animal feed. Its versatility makes it a valuable ingredient in a wide range of food products, including fortified foods, powdered goods, baked goods, and animal feed. Calcium carbonate helps improve nutritional value, prevent clumping, regulate pH, enhance texture, and provide essential minerals. Its safe and effective use in the food industry makes it a widely utilized ingredient in various food applications.

CAS.: 471-34-1


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