Carbohydrazide is a white, crystalline solid with a high melting point, known for its stability and solubility in water. It is widely used as an oxygen scavenger in boiler water treatment to prevent corrosion.

Pulp & Paper

Carbohydrazide is a valuable chemical in the pulp and paper industry, primarily utilized as an oxygen scavenger in boiler water treatment. This application is crucial for preventing corrosion in steam-generating systems, which are integral to the paper manufacturing process. By effectively removing dissolved oxygen from boiler water, Carbohydrazide helps protect the metal surfaces within these systems, extending their operational life and maintaining their efficiency. Its use in this capacity ensures that steam quality remains high, which is essential for consistent paper production and energy efficiency. Additionally, Carbohydrazide does not contribute to conductivity nor does it form acidic by-products, making it environmentally preferable and safer for handling compared to alternative chemicals. This makes Carbohydrazide an increasingly popular choice for mills looking to enhance their sustainability practices while maintaining high operational standards.

Water Treatment

In water treatment, Carbohydrazide is extensively used as an oxygen scavenger in boiler systems, playing a crucial role in preventing corrosion by efficiently removing dissolved oxygen from the water. Its application enhances the longevity and efficiency of boiler systems by reducing the risk of oxidative damage. Additionally, it contributes to maintaining the quality of high-pressure boiler water, ensuring optimal performance and safety in industrial operations.

CAS No.: 497-18-7


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