Lightweight, hollow, spherical, fly ash particles.

Cenospheres are lightweight, hollow, spherical particles that are derived from fly ash, a by-product of coal combustion. They have low density, high strength, and excellent thermal and chemical resistance, making them suitable for various applications such as fillers, insulation, coatings, and composites.

Energy Sector

Cenospheres, derived from fly ash, are utilized in the oil and gas industry for multiple purposes. These lightweight hollow spheres can enhance drilling mud rheology, fluid loss control, and reduce torque and drag during drilling. They can also serve as proppants in hydraulic fracturing to prop open fractures and improve hydrocarbon recovery. In well cementing, cenospheres’ low-density properties can reduce cement slurry density and minimize wellbore damage. Cenospheres play a valuable role in optimizing drilling and completion operations in the oil and gas industry.


Cenospheres are used in the construction industry as lightweight aggregates in concrete. They reduce concrete density, improve thermal insulation, and enhance fire resistance properties, making them valuable additives for creating lighter and more energy-efficient construction materials.

CAS No.: 68186-89-0


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