Disodium Phosphate

White, crystalline, water-soluble powder.

Disodium Phosphate acts as a buffering agent, water softener, and scale inhibitor in applications, ensuring optimal pH levels and preventing mineral deposits across diverse industrial processes.

Water Treatment

Disodium Phosphate is recognized for its role as a dispersant, buffering agent, and water softener in industrial applications. Its ability to adjust and stabilize pH levels makes it invaluable in water treatment processes, where it helps maintain the balance necessary for effective operation. In the oil and gas industry, DSP is utilized to prevent scale formation in boilers and pipelines, enhancing the efficiency of water flooding operations and processing equipment. Its dispersant properties ensure that minerals and other particulates remain suspended in solution, preventing deposition and blockages. This contributes to smoother, more efficient operations and prolongs the lifespan of infrastructure by mitigating corrosion and scale buildup.

CAS No.: 7558-79-4


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