Ethylene glycol

Colorless, odorless, viscous liquid.

Ethylene glycol is highly hygroscopic and soluble in water, making it useful as an industrial solvent, coolant, and raw material for polyester fibers and resins. It’s also used in antifreeze formulations and as a de-icing agent due to its low freezing point and high boiling point.

Energy Sector

Ethylene glycol is used as a heat transfer fluid in the energy market due to its ability to efficiently transfer heat and maintain stability at high temperatures. It is also used as a raw material in the production of plasticizers and as a component in hydraulic fluids, lubricants, and transformer oils. Additionally, ethylene glycol is used in natural gas dehydration processes to prevent the formation of hydrates that can cause blockages in pipelines and equipment.

CAS No.: 107-21-1


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