Ferric Chloride Anhydrous

Brownish-black, crystalline, hygroscopic solid, NSF Certified.

Ferric chloride anhydrous, a potent flocculant for contaminant removal in water, provides exceptional purification. NSF certified, it guarantees safety and compliance for drinking water treatment.

Municipal Water Treatment

Ferric chloride anhydrous is highly effective in municipal water treatment facilities, where it serves as a flocculant to clear water of suspended particles and dissolved contaminants. It works by reacting with the water to form ferric hydroxide, a precipitate that binds with impurities, allowing them to be settled out or filtered from the water. This process significantly improves water quality by removing turbidity, color, and reducing pathogen levels. Its anhydrous form is particularly useful in scenarios where a highly concentrated reagent is required. The NSF certification of ferric chloride anhydrous reassures that it is safe for use in potable water treatment, meeting stringent health and safety standards.

Available in 98% concentration

CAS No.: 7705-08-0.


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