Ferric Chloride

Dark brown, corrosive, aqueous solution.

Ferric chloride solution acts as a flocculant in water purification, essential for sediment removal. It’s NSF certified, assuring its safety for treating drinking water.

Municipal Water Treatment

Ferric chloride solution is a staple coagulant in municipal water treatment, valued for its efficacy in removing suspended solids, colloids, and metals from raw water. When introduced into the water, it reacts to form flocs of iron hydroxide that ensnare impurities, which can then be removed by sedimentation and filtration. This process not only improves the clarity and purity of the water but also aids in reducing pathogen levels, contributing to the overall safety of municipal drinking supplies. The solution’s NSF certification is critical, ensuring that it meets the stringent health standards required for substances used in the treatment of water intended for human consumption.

NSF®-certified versions available.

Available in 40% concentration solution

CAS No.: 10025-77-1.


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