Ferric Sulfate

Yellow-brown, solid, soluble powder.

Ferric sulfate, an effective coagulant for impurity removal in water treatment. It’s NSF certified for safety in drinking water applications, ensuring compliance with health standards.

Municipal Water Treatment

In municipal water treatment, ferric sulfate is a go-to chemical for its coagulating prowess, which is crucial in the clarification process. It is added to water to induce the agglomeration of fine particulate impurities, facilitating their removal through sedimentation or filtration. This coagulant is particularly effective in the removal of suspended solids, colloidal matter, and organic substances, significantly reducing water turbidity and color. It also aids in the reduction of phosphate levels, helping to prevent eutrophication in water bodies. With NSF certification, ferric sulfate meets rigorous health and environmental standards, affirming its safe use in producing potable water for communities.

NSF®-certified versions available.

CAS No.: 10028-22-5


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SDS Ferric sulfate
COA Ferric sulfate


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