Fluid loss additives

Reducing fluid loss, enhancing wellbore integrity.

Fluid loss additive minimizes drilling fluid loss into formation, maintains wellbore integrity, and improves drilling efficiency. Crucial for controlling fluid loss in oil and gas drilling operations.

Energy Sector

Fluid loss additives are commonly used in cementing operations in the oil and gas industry. They are added to cement slurries to control fluid loss during the cementing process, which involves pumping cement into the wellbore to provide zonal isolation and ensure well integrity. Fluid loss additives help to reduce the loss of cement slurry into the formation, enhance cement bond strength, and improve cementing performance. They also aid in preventing formation damage and maintaining wellbore stability. Fluid loss additives are an essential component of cement slurries in oil and gas cementing operations, contributing to successful wellbore construction and long-term well integrity.

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