Fluorosilicic Acid

Fluoridation, liquid, acidic, hydrofluorosilicic, NSF certified.

Fluorosilicic acid, a colorless, liquid chemical compound, plays a pivotal role in water treatment processes. It stands out for its effectiveness in precise fluoride level control. This compound’s unique properties make it a versatile agent in various applications, yet it is most recognized for its contribution to maintaining dental health through water fluoridation. Its formulation and stability are key to its widespread use in public health initiatives.

Municipal Water Treatment

fluorosilicic acid, primarily used in water fluoridation, is a key acidic compound in adjusting fluoride levels for dental health benefits. This colorless, liquid acid, consisting of hydrogen, silicon, and fluoride, is essential in maintaining optimal fluoride concentrations in community water systems. Its specific use in fluoridation processes underlines its significance in public health initiatives, aimed at reducing dental decay and promoting oral hygiene. In the realm of community water treatment, fluorosilicic acid stands out for its effectiveness and reliability in supporting overall dental wellness.

Available in 35-42% concentration

CAS No.: 16961-83-4


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