Hydrogen peroxide

Colorless liquid with strong oxidizing properties.

Hydrogen peroxide is characterized by its colorless appearance and pale blue tint, recognized for its potent oxidizing capabilities. Its reactivity, especially with organic materials, marks it as a versatile compound in a wide array of applications. It finds utility as a disinfectant and bleaching agent, spanning industrial, medical, and domestic settings. Additionally, its properties are harnessed as an oxidizer in various processes and even as a rocket propellant, showcasing its broad functional range.

Energy Sector

Hydrogen peroxide is leveraged in the energy sector for its multifaceted applications, including its role as an oxygen source in fuel production and as an effective cleaner for oil and gas pipelines. Its utilization extends to the extraction process of metals like uranium and gold from their ores, demonstrating its importance in mining operations. Furthermore, hydrogen peroxide contributes to electricity generation in fuel cells and assists in purifying natural gas by removing sulfur compounds. It also aids in managing hydrate formation in gas pipelines. The compound’s oxidizing and cleaning capabilities make it a valuable resource across various energy sector operations.

Pulp & Paper

Hydrogen peroxide plays a crucial role in the pulp and paper industry, primarily as a bleaching agent to enhance the brightness of pulp. It can be utilized either independently or alongside other chemicals, like chlorine dioxide, to attain the desired brightness level. This compound is especially valuable for bleaching mechanical and recycled pulp, which may pose challenges with traditional bleaching agents. Beyond its bleaching capabilities, hydrogen peroxide assists in cleaning pulp and papermaking equipment by removing various contaminants. Its comprehensive application underscores its significance in producing high-quality, bright paper products.

Water Treatment

Hydrogen peroxide is utilized in water treatment as an effective oxidizing agent to purify water, targeting impurities such as iron and sulfur. It excels in treating water affected by hydrogen sulfide or iron, which are common causes of unpleasant odors and staining. Moreover, it is applied in the disinfection and sterilization of water treatment equipment. A notable advantage of hydrogen peroxide over traditional treatment methods is its breakdown into water and oxygen, ensuring no harmful residues remain. This attribute positions hydrogen peroxide as a preferred solution for clean and environmentally friendly water treatment efforts.

CAS No.: 7722-84-1


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