Maleic Acid

White, crystalline, water-soluble solid, Dispersant.

Maleic Acid functions as an efficient dispersant across multiple applications, facilitating uniform particle distribution, improving product consistency, and aiding in the effective removal of impurities in liquid systems.

Water Treatment

Maleic Acid is valued for its dispersant properties, which are essential in promoting the uniform distribution of particles within liquid systems. This action prevents particle aggregation, ensuring consistent and stable suspensions. Its application is widespread, ranging from industrial water treatment to the manufacturing of detergents, paints, and coatings. In water treatment, Maleic Acid helps in dispersing mineral deposits, thus preventing scale formation and facilitating the removal of existing scales. In the production of detergents, it enhances cleaning efficiency by keeping dirt and grime dispersed in water. Its role in the paint and coatings industry involves improving the suspension of pigments, thereby enhancing the quality and application properties of the products.

CAS No.: 110-16-7.


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