Microfine cement

Ultra-fine powdered cement with exceptional fineness.

Microfine cement is a remarkable material, consisting of ultra-fine particles that possess exceptional fineness. With its fine texture and powdery consistency, this cement exhibits outstanding workability and permeability. It offers immense strength, durability, and resistance, making it ideal for a wide range of construction and repair applications.

Energy Sector

Microfine cement is essential in the oilfield industry, particularly in wellbore cementing operations. Mixed with water and additives, it forms a cement slurry that penetrates the annular space, creating a strong bond, securing the casing, and preventing fluid migration. It is also used for remedial cementing, sealing damaged sections to restore well integrity. During well plugging and abandonment, microfine cement forms durable barriers, isolating zones and minimizing environmental risks. Furthermore, it enables zonal isolation in multi-zone reservoirs, optimizing fluid communication and enhancing reservoir management. With its crucial role in ensuring well integrity, zonal isolation, and efficient operations, microfine cement is an indispensable material in the oilfield industry.


Microfine cement finds diverse applications in construction due to its unique properties. It is commonly used as a grouting material for filling voids, cracks, and fractures in concrete structures. Its exceptional fineness allows it to penetrate even the tiniest gaps, ensuring effective sealing and stabilization. Additionally, microfine cement is employed in shotcrete applications, enhancing the strength and durability of sprayed concrete. It can also be used for soil stabilization, creating a solid and compact foundation for construction projects. Furthermore, microfine cement serves as an excellent additive in cement-based mortars and concretes, improving their workability, impermeability, and overall performance. Its fine particles contribute to dense and cohesive mixes, resulting in higher strength and reduced shrinkage. Overall, microfine cement plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality, durability, and longevity of various construction applications.


Microfine cement has several applications in the mining industry. One prominent use is in underground mine sealing and stabilization. It is employed to seal off fractures, cavities, and unstable ground areas in mines, ensuring safety and preventing water ingress. The ultra-fine particles of microfine cement penetrate into the smallest openings, forming a solid and impermeable barrier. Microfine cement is also utilized in backfilling operations in mining. It can be mixed with other materials, such as mine tailings or industrial by-products, to create a high-strength backfill that fills underground excavations. This backfill provides support to surrounding rock structures, minimizes subsidence, and promotes safe and efficient mining operations. Furthermore, microfine cement is used in grouting applications for ground improvement in mining. It is injected into the ground to stabilize loose or weak soils, creating a solid foundation for mining activities. This process helps control ground movements, prevents collapse or shifting, and improves the overall stability of the mining environment.



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