Modified starch

Powdery, granular, or gel-like modified starch.

Modified starch refers to starch that has been chemically or physically altered to enhance its functionality for specific applications. It can exhibit various physical forms such as powdery, granular, or gel-like textures. Modified starches are used in food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and other industries where unique properties like thickening, stabilizing, or binding are required.

Energy Sector

Modified starches play a crucial role in the energy sector. They are used as additives in drilling fluids to control viscosity, filtration, and shale stabilization. Additionally, they find application in fracturing fluids to suspend proppants and enhance oil and gas extraction. Modified starches act as fluid loss control agents in cementing operations, aid in wellbore cleanup, and serve as viscosifiers and rheology modifiers in workover and completion fluids. Their versatility and compatibility with other additives make them valuable for optimizing operational efficiency, wellbore stability, and overall productivity in the oil and gas sector.

CAS No.: N/A


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