Non-ionic polyacrylamides

Polymer, non-ionic, water-soluble, synthetic, flocculant, rheology modifier.

Non-ionic polyacrylamides are water-soluble synthetic polymers used as flocculants and rheology modifiers in water treatment, oil and gas, mining, and agriculture. They improve settling, dewatering, and fluid flow behavior.

Energy Sector

Non-ionic polyacrylamides are used in the energy sector as flocculants in wastewater treatment during oil and gas exploration and production. They aid in the separation and removal of suspended solids, improving the efficiency of water treatment processes. They also serve as rheology modifiers in drilling fluids, enhancing their performance and stability. Additionally, non-ionic polyacrylamides are used as friction reducers in hydraulic fracturing fluids, helping to reduce friction and increase fluid flow.

Water Treatment

Non-ionic polyacrylamides are used in water treatment to clarify water, remove suspended solids, and improve sedimentation and filtration. They agglomerate fine particles, reduce turbidity, and aid in sludge dewatering. Widely used in municipal and industrial water treatment, they are effective flocculants and coagulants, improving water quality and reducing sludge volume for disposal.


Non-ionic polyacrylamides are used in agriculture as soil conditioners, erosion control agents, and water retention enhancers. They improve soil structure, reduce erosion, and enhance water retention, leading to increased crop yields. They are also used in irrigation systems for water distribution and as additives in fertilizers and pesticides to enhance effectiveness, optimizing crop production and sustainability.

CAS NO.: 9003-05-8


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