Polyanionic cellulose

Viscous, water-soluble polymer with thickening properties.

Water-soluble cellulose derivative. White to tan powder or granules. Used as a rheology modifier, thickener, and stabilizer in various industries including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and oil/gas drilling fluids.

Energy Sector

Polyanionic cellulose (PAC) is used in the energy sector as a rheology modifier and fluid-loss control agent in oil and gas drilling fluids. It helps to maintain desired fluid properties, such as viscosity and filtration control, during drilling operations. PAC is also used in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications to improve oil production from reservoirs. It can effectively reduce fluid loss, stabilize drilling fluids, and enhance oil displacement, making it valuable in the energy industry.


Polyanionic cellulose (PAC) is a versatile ingredient used in the pharmaceutical industry as a binder, disintegrant, and film-forming agent in tablets. It improves stability, solubility, and bioavailability of pharmaceuticals. PAC also acts as a rheology modifier in liquid dosage forms, providing desired viscosity and suspension properties. Its non-toxic and biocompatible properties make it suitable for controlled-release drug delivery systems, oral solid dosage forms, and topical formulations, enhancing the quality and performance of pharmaceutical products.

CAS NO.: 9004-32-4


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