Polycarboxylate Cementing Dispersant PC-211

Fine, white to off-white powder with a characteristic odor.

Polycarboxylate Cementing Dispersant PC-211 is specifically engineered for the construction and energy sectors, where it plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance of cementitious systems. Its primary function is to improve the workability of cement slurry, reduce water content without compromising strength, and promote high early strength development in concrete and cement formulations.

Energy Sector

In the energy industry, particularly within oil and gas exploration and production, PC-211 is instrumental in optimizing oil field cementing operations. Its advanced dispersing properties help in achieving a uniform and stable cement slurry, crucial for securing and supporting the well casing, and ensuring zonal isolation. By reducing the viscosity of cement slurries, PC-211 facilitates easier pumping and placement in complex well architectures. This leads to improved operational efficiencies, reduced risks of gas migration, and enhanced long-term well integrity. Moreover, PC-211’s ability to improve the mechanical properties of cement under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions makes it invaluable in deep-water and extreme drilling environments. Its role extends to enhancing the durability and lifespan of the cement sheath, thereby ensuring environmental protection and the safety of energy extraction operations.

Water Treatment

In water treatment, Polycarboxylate Cementing Dispersant PC-211 enhances sedimentation and filtration by dispersing particulates, improving clarity and purity of water. It reduces sludge viscosity, facilitating efficient dewatering and waste management, lowering disposal costs. PC-211’s effectiveness across various temperatures and pressures makes it versatile for treating industrial effluents and municipal wastewater, aligning with environmental standards and promoting sustainability in water resource management.

CAS No.: 62601-60-9 


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