Potassium Permanganate

Dark purple, granular, soluble compound.

Potassium permanganate, a robust oxidizer, treats water for impurities, managing taste, odor, and color. Certified by NSF, it ensures water quality meets health and safety standards.

Municipal Water Treatment

Potassium permanganate is an essential chemical in municipal water treatment facilities. Its strong oxidizing ability enables it to effectively neutralize various contaminants, such as iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide, which can affect water taste, odor, and color. By converting these substances into insoluble particles, they can be filtered out, vastly improving water clarity and safety. Potassium permanganate is also employed in controlling algae and zebra mussel growth in water bodies. Its use is carefully controlled and monitored, given its potency. The NSF certification of potassium permanganate assures its quality and safety for use in public water systems, guaranteeing that it meets the stringent standards required for potable water.

NSF®-certified versions available.

CAS No.: 7722-64-7


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SDS Potassium permanganate
COA Potassium permanganate


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