Sec-butyl alcohol

Clear, colorless liquid with mild odor.

Sec-butyl alcohol, also known as 2-butanol, is a clear, colorless liquid with a mild, sweet odor. It is commonly used as a solvent, in the production of industrial chemicals, and as a raw material for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and fragrances. It is flammable and hazardous if ingested or inhaled.

Energy Sector

Sec-butyl alcohol is used in the energy sector as a solvent and as a component in the production of drilling fluids, which are used to lubricate and cool drilling bits, control pressure, and suspend drill cuttings. It is also used as a fuel additive to improve gasoline and diesel fuel performance. In addition, sec-butyl alcohol can be used as a feedstock for the production of biofuels. Its low toxicity and flammability make it a relatively safe solvent for use in the energy industry.

Water Treatment

Sec-butyl alcohol (SBA) is used in water treatment as a solvent, a disinfectant, and a coagulating agent. It can also be used as a wetting agent and foam stabilizer. As a solvent, SBA can dissolve and extract organic contaminants from water. Its disinfectant properties make it useful in killing bacteria and viruses. When used as a coagulating agent, SBA helps to clump together impurities in water for easier removal. Overall, SBA can be a versatile tool in treating water for various purposes, including drinking water, industrial processes, and wastewater treatment.

Pulp & Paper

Sec-butyl alcohol is used in the pulp and paper industry for its solvent and preservative properties. It is used as a wood preservative to protect against fungal and insect attacks, and as a solvent for lignin removal in pulp bleaching processes. In paper manufacturing, it can be used as a coating solvent for glossy papers and as an ink solvent for printing. Sec-Butyl Alcohol is also used as a defoamer in paper processing and as an emulsion stabilizer in paper coatings. Its unique properties make it a versatile additive for the pulp and paper industry.

CAS.: 78-92-2


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