SM-111 Melamine Dispersant

White, crystalline powder.

SM-111 Melamine Dispersant is a high-efficiency dispersant and water-reducing agent that enhances the performance of cementitious and composite materials. It is synthesized from melamine and formaldehyde, offering improved dispersibility, flowability, and strength properties in various applications. Its compatibility with multiple formulations makes it a versatile choice for industrial applications.

Energy Sector

In the energy sector, melamine dispersant SM-111 plays a crucial role, particularly in oilfield cementing operations. Its ability to improve the flow and reduce the viscosity of cement slurries ensures efficient cementing of oil wells. By enhancing the dispersion of cement particles, SM-111 contributes to the uniformity and integrity of the cement sheath, preventing gas migration and securing the wellbore. Additionally, its water-reducing properties help achieve higher compressive strength, reducing the risk of cracks and improving the durability of the cement under high downhole pressures and temperatures. This makes SM-111 an essential additive in constructing and maintaining the structural integrity of oil and gas wells.


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