Sulfamic acid

White, crystalline, solid acid with solubility.

Sulfamic acid is a white crystalline solid with high solubility in water. It is a strong acid with applications in various industries. It is used as a cleaning agent, descaling agent, pH adjuster, and catalyst in chemical processes. Sulfamic acid also finds use in water treatment and as a precursor for other compounds.

Energy Sector

Sulfamic acid can be used as a catalyst or pH adjuster in certain energy-related processes. For example, it may be employed in the production of fuel additives or as a component in electrolyte solutions for energy storage systems. Additionally, sulfamic acid can be utilized as a cleaning agent for removing scale and deposits from heat exchangers or boilers in power plants, enhancing their efficiency. While its direct use may be niche, sulfamic acid indirectly contributes to energy production by aiding in maintenance and optimization of equipment.

Water Treatment

Sulfamic acid has several applications in water treatment processes. It is commonly used as a descaling agent to remove scale and mineral deposits from various surfaces, such as heat exchangers, pipes, and water tanks. Sulfamic acid is effective in dissolving and removing calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and other scaling compounds. Furthermore, sulfamic acid can act as a pH adjuster and buffering agent in water treatment, helping to maintain the desired pH levels for efficient treatment processes.

CAS No.: 5329-14-6


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