Zinc bromide

White, crystalline, odorless, water-soluble compound.

Zinc bromide, with the chemical formula ZnBr2, is a white, crystalline solid compound. It is characterized by its odorless nature and high solubility in water. Zinc bromide finds wide-ranging applications, including its use in oil and gas drilling fluids, as a catalyst, and in the synthesis of organic compounds.

Energy Sector

Zinc bromide finds significant utility in the energy sector, particularly within oil and gas exploration and production endeavors. It is notably employed as a dense drilling fluid, referred to as zinc bromide brine, renowned for its high density. This brine functions as a crucial weighting agent in drilling fluids, facilitating control over well pressure and minimizing the risk of blowouts. Moreover, zinc bromide brine serves multiple purposes in well completion and workover operations, functioning as a packer fluid and contributing to the stability of the wellbore and corrosion prevention when incorporated into clear brine fluids. The versatile properties of zinc bromide render it an invaluable asset in ensuring the safety and efficiency of energy industry operations.

CAS No.:7699-45-8


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