Corrosion Inhibitors

Our inhibitors provide robust protection against corrosive agents, prolonging equipment lifespan and ensuring operational efficiency. With a foundation in rigorous research and testing, our products are the gold standard in preventing material degradation during stimulation. Turn to Singletrack Solutions for exceptional corrosion inhibition in your operations.


Alkyl Pyridine Quat (APQ)Protects metal, reduces corrosion, enhances longevity.
Aminotris(methylene phosphonic acid)Chelates, inhibits scale, corrosion-resistant, stabilizes treatments.
Benzyltriethylammonium Chloride (BTMAC)Metal safeguard, halts oxidation, prolongs equipment.
Diethylhydroxylamine 85% (DEHA)Oxygen scavenger, protective, reduces corrosion.
Ethylene GlycolAntifreeze, protective, mitigates corrosion, maintains equipment.
Sodium ErythorbateOxygen scavenger, protects metals, inhibits corrosion.
THPS 75%Reduces microbiologically-induced corrosion, protective, broad-spectrum agent.


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