MUDViS 100

Revolutionizing Coiled Tubing Fluid Performance

ST MUDViS 100, a high molecular weight biopolymer of xanthan gum, revolutionizes fluid dynamics in oil and gas operations. Primarily enhancing coiled tubing and drilling processes, it provides unmatched viscosity and filtration control. This proprietary biopolymer ensures efficient fluid movement and robust performance across various conditions, significantly improving operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. ST MUDViS 100 is indispensable for optimizing performance in challenging oilfield environments.

Coiled Tubing

ST MUDViS 100, a high molecular weight biopolymer, significantly enhances coiled tubing operations in the oil and gas sector. Its exceptional viscosifying properties improve the performance of fluids, ensuring optimal viscosity and superior filtration control crucial for maintaining the integrity of coiled tubing processes. By facilitating smooth fluid dynamics and robust performance, ST MUDViS 100 optimizes operational efficiency and reduces downtime. Tailored for the unique challenges of coiled tubing applications, it stands as an indispensable tool for operators seeking to enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness in challenging oilfield environments, making coiled tubing operations more reliable and efficient.


ST MUDViS 100, a high molecular weight biopolymer, plays a critical role in enhancing drilling operations within the oil and gas industry. Its exceptional viscosifying capabilities improve the performance of drilling fluids, providing optimal viscosity and superior filtration control, essential for efficient drilling processes. ST MUDViS 100 ensures smooth fluid movement and robust performance across a variety of drilling conditions, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing challenges encountered during drilling activities. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of drilling applications, ST MUDViS 100 is invaluable for operators aiming to improve productivity and cost-effectiveness, facilitating smoother and more reliable drilling operations in challenging environments.

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