Transportation and Logistics

End-to-end care

You want your goods to be imported efficiently and with discretion – so does SingleTrack.

With our business partners, we, at SingleTrack provide oversight on the manufacturing, sourcing, and logistics processes required for global procurement.  SingleTrack offers end-to-end solutions for businesses with overseas transportation and logistics requirements.

At SingleTrack, we understand the value generated with international procurement and we act as the importer of record (IOR) for our clients. Providing this service allows our clients to import goods without the responsibilities and lack of confidentiality associated with being an IOR.

In addition to encompassing the entire process from sourcing, shipping, delivering, and all the logistics required in between, our solutions include extensive knowledge in all aspects of the processes involved with the movement of goods. We guarantee in-region support to ensure timely service – effectively providing real-time escalation for project concerns. Our advantage comes from extensive logistics experience covering all continents.

The end-to-end model that we support takes full accountability for shipping goods. At SingleTrack, we provide expertise in all aspects of freight forwarding, while leveraging our strong relationships globally to ensure industry leading prices with quality assurance.