MUDViS Product Line

Optimizing Drilling with Advanced Biopolymer Technology

ST MUDViS 100 and ST MUDViS 60 are proprietary biopolymers primarily designed for coiled tubing operations in the oil and gas industry, while also offering significant benefits for drilling applications. ST MUDViS 100, a high molecular weight biopolymer, acts as an exceptional viscosifier in various fluids, providing superior viscosity and filtration control ideal for coiled tubing and enhancing drilling fluid performance in shallow to medium depth wells. ST MUDViS 60, renowned for its unique rheological and viscoelastic properties, serves as a cost-effective alternative for traditional polymers, ensuring excellent performance under low-shear conditions. This makes it suitable for a wide range of coiled tubing operations and drilling tasks. Together, these biopolymers are crafted to optimize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of coiled tubing and drilling operations, offering a robust solution for the oil and gas sector. Select a product below to delve into their specific strengths and applications within the coiled tubing and drilling industries.

MUDViS Product Line

MUDViS 100


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